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Sourdough with fruity taste

The own sour dough is the heart of each bakery. A customer associates it with tradition, craftsmanship and originality. Many bakeries know this and advertise their own products. Anyone who likes to experiment and wants to change the taste of their sour dough can use a good apple juice instead of the usual water to refine it. The other parameters remain the same.

With this sour dough you can bake different types of bread or buns. The juice gives the baked goods a special, fine-fruity aroma. This works just as well with pure rye bread as with mixed wheat and sweet doughs.

If it should become even more fruity, the entire liquid that is poured in the main dough can be exchanged with apple juice. Furthermore, fresh or dried apple pieces can be added to the dough.

At any rate the use of apple juice in sour dough is also a suitable alternative for the apple picking season in autumn. The important thing is to use good, naturally cloudy apple juice, preferably with a fine sour aroma.

Naturally, there are countless recipe ideas for apple sour dough. We are happy to discuss them in the forum.

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