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CleanLabel concerns us all

It has been a long time since we last had actual control over what we eat. Or what our customers want to eat. A couple decades of industrial food manufacturing have been enough to turn this scary fact into a reality. We want to use clean-label.com to change that. We want honest, good and healthy products – and we want to prove that the hurdles we need to overcome in order to get there aren’t as insurmountable as many people think.

Recognizing honest and healthy foods and working with them isn’t just difficult for consumers. Food producers also have a hard time with this, whether it’s in bakeries or in kitchens. Not everything that is sold under the pretext of “Clean Labeling” can be offered to the consumer with a clear conscience. The laws still leave room for many tricks. We want to show that there’s another – better – way as well.

The unsatisfactory search for clean foods was basically the reason for this site. We found out that there is little if any truly competent information on this subject. We haven’t been able to find any satisfying answers on the internet so far, and even visits to renowned trade fairs were sobering.

At the same time the wish for clean food is gaining more and more center stage. There is more pressure on food producers to inform their customers about the used ingredients and additives. A trend that will continue to grow due to the consumers’ increasingly critical attitude. One of the magic terms is label friendliness. Everything associated with it is a broad area.

If you want to position yourself on the market and compete, then you can’t avoid the “clean label” subject anymore. This applies to the bakery trade as well as to the catering trade. However, many non-industrial companies still avoid this topic. Oftentimes because they don’t know how easy it actually is to produce high quality foods in an honest way. You can find this knowledge here.

We offer a complex bundle of information about the possibilities for the production of honest and label friendly foods. That’s our job. Our site clean-label.com takes a stand for transparency and not for ingredients lists that just look good.

Which products are clean? Which raw materials are actually suitable? And how do I figure that out? These aren’t the only questions that have been on our minds for the last ten years.

We have found many answers. Our expertise and the ambition to dive deeply into the matter were helpful.

On our online platform we talk about recipes, raw materials and procedures that can be clearly paraphrased with the following claims.

  • no chemically synthetic emulsifiers
  • no hardened fats
  • no flavors that aren’t completely derived from the eponymous raw material
  • no enzymes from genetically modified or self-cloned strains
  • no artificial colors
  • no preservatives
  • no flavor enhancers

Here you’ll find expertise from theory and practice, a lot of applicable tips and especially solutions that really work. We also provide detailed and suitable information about overlapping topics around food manufacturing.

One of the most important tasks that we pursue here is a helpful exchange with each other. Our forum makes it possible for users to get answers to all kinds of questions and solutions to problems that can be developed here together with colleagues. We fundamentally put a lot of emphasis on high-quality raw materials and recipes, on special technologies and also on consistent labels.  Furthermore it is our wish to bring together raw material manufacturers and food processors from bakeries, confectionery shops and the catering trade. Given all our efforts, what consumers think about our ingredient lists is extremely important for us.

Our website is the only platform in the world solely dedicated to the growing market for label friendly raw materials and recipes. Our service is especially aimed at business owners and production, quality management and sales executives.  The size of that company doesn’t matter.

CleanLabel concerns everybody. Contribute. As sage, pioneer or unconventional thinker. Work with us!


On that note,

Your Markus Messemer

About Markus Messemer

Seit 2007 intensiv mit dem Thema "CleanLabel" verbunden engagiert sich Markus Messemer für deklarationsfreundliche Rezepturen, Rohstoffe und Technologien.

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