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Declaration-friendly raw materials, which also do what they promise, are not always easy to find. Since anyone who wants to work honestly needs them desperately, we will gather interesting products here soon.

One of the big challenges for us is the best possible demarcation. Clean label defines itself, as everyone knows, as a rather multifaceted concept. Thus, far from a firm opinion, we must create transparency.
With the help of the so-called “clean label index” in combination with a “pictogram bar”, the user of this overview can immediately see whether the presented product matches his or her philosophy. Factors such as bio, additives, enzymes, modified starch, etc. are openly communicated.

Due to the need to talk about “free-from” at CleanLabel, we believe that even modified starches or specially treated celluloses need authorization. Because someone who relies on gluten-free bread also accepts these ingredients.

However, above all, efforts should be as original and natural as possible in order to work, and what one manufactures should be communicated openly.
Interested manufacturers or suppliers of raw materials are welcome to contact us now.