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Markus Messemer, born in 1972, is a trained baker and bakery consultant (food IT) whose focus lies on recipe development, declaration and assortment design. His consulting work started right in front of the computer: as a programmer of software for the declaration of food, he sensitized bakers to the topic and provided them with extensive knowledge of ingredients in baked goods. The aim of the bakers was to pass on their findings to the customer. Very quickly, however, a key difficulty in the implementation of the plan became clear: information on the actual ingredients of the products is not well received by all customers.

With his idea of Clean Label, Messemer began fighting against this dilemma, consistently turning away from industrial products and bluff package, and relying on natural and healthy ingredients instead. Since 2006, he has been developing recipes and dealing with raw materials that enable bakers to approach their customers in a transparent manner.

The search for food producers who were willing to design products for bakery, pastry shop and gastronomy on the basis of honest raw materials has created an ever-expanding network over the years. The Internet Forum www.wir-baecker.de, initiated in 2008, exchanged expertise and recipes, allowing deeper and deeper insights into the new ways of working.
It was on this basis that the new platform www.clean-label.com developed.

With his “slightly different workshop for bakers and confectioners,” Markus Messemer has been bringing together colleagues from the food producing industry for years, who are willing to further develop their range or menu.

As a consultant, Messemer supports small and large craft businesses in the food industry which want to position themselves on the market with perfect and honest products.

“The search for new or less well-known raw materials and processes is still one of the most important tasks for food-producing companies. Because that’s not easy, we help people via this platform. It is intended to bring producers and processors together. This is a matter close to our hearts. ”
(Markus Messemer)