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Rules for Posts

The 10 Golden Rules for good posts


Posts should be relevant
To have a matter-of-fact discussion, refer your post to the topic of the respective article or discussion. Post with topic reference and value for other users. Rely on constructive posts and real arguments. Do not make generalizations or statements that are not supported by credible arguments or sources.

Posts should be readable
To ensure the readability of your post, we ask you to pay attention to spelling as well as upper and lower case. Paragraphs and punctuation characters also promote the readability of the text. To avoid ambiguity and misunderstandings, we advise you to avoid irony. However, if your comment should not work without it, please make sure to highlight the ironic phrases accordingly, whether through smileys or suitable text inserts.

No provocations!
Keep it objective and don’t get personal. There will be no room for insults, slander, threats and the like in discussions, neither for discrimination nor dishonor against other users, social groups or third parties based on their religion, origin, nationality, income, sexual orientation, age or gender. Do not spread or claim false facts about other users, individuals or companies. Avoid becoming personal in any post, and refrain from premature or inappropriate statements. If you want to contradict the comments of another user, express yourself respectfully and criticize the content of the contribution, but do not attack the author, either directly or indirectly.

Pay attention to the rights of third parties!
Should you reproduce third-party content (e.g. photos, texts, etc.), make sure that you are entitled (e.g. with the consent of the copyright holder) to distribute and publish it. Never publish content that infringes the rights of third parties, in particular trademarks, patents or copyrights, personal rights or property rights. Quotations must be clearly identified as such and marked with an indication of origin. They should be used as economically as possible and, above all, serve mainly to supplement and substantiate a statement of one’s own. Ensure that images uploaded by you do not infringe the rights of third parties, e.g. the rights of the persons shown on the images.

Respect applicable laws and our Terms of Use
This platform is not a legal space. We will not tolerate contributions that violate applicable laws or our terms of use. These include in particular:

  • Insults, libel and threats
  • Pornographic and otherwise offensive content
  • Content glorifying violence or content harmful to minors
  • Left radical thinking
  • Radical right or racist ideas
  • Comparisons with dictatorial regimes

No hidden advertising in the posts
Any commercial and advertising content (e.g. junk and mass e-mails, unsolicited advertising, promotional material, in particular permanent references and links to personal websites and blogs as well as surreptitious advertising) is not permitted in the comments and signatures. However, a link meant to make a single image or product clearer is permitted (observe the rights of third parties!). Advertising is not always easy to distinguish from information. Therefore, common sense applies: if it looks too much like advertising and clean-label.com is made aware of it, the link or post will be deleted.

Follow our link rules
You are welcome to use links in articles, for example to refer to further information on a topic. Clean-label.com is not responsible for the linked contents and does not check these. However, we reserve the right to remove links if their content violates our rules. So-called deep links that lead to helpful posts in other forums are allowed. Deep links must be freely accessible without prior registration. If a deep link is not freely accessible without registration, that link will also be removed.

Private messages should also be kept private
As the name “private message” (commonly known as PN) implies, this is a private matter. Publishing PNs is forbidden.

Respect personal data
Any information with which private individuals can be identified, such as complete names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, birth dates, addresses – so-called personal data – must not be made public in posts. Please make sure to carefully how much of your own personal data you would like to make freely accessible on the Internet.

The moderators act according to the virtual householder’s rights
According to our terms of use, all clean-label.com moderators can exercise the virtual householder’s right if required. Users who do not follow our terms of use and posting policy may be cautioned and even banned by moderators for repeated or serious violations. Since our moderators are fully aware of this responsibility, they will consider every decision carefully. Even if you disagree with a decision, please remember that our moderators are volunteers for clean-label.com and are only humans as well.